Friday, February 22, 2008

After our first day of skiing Ryan's mom and I decided to take a day off. The guys headed out to the slopes first thing in the morning while we had some breakfast at the B & B then drove downtown Ludlow, VT to check out the shops. We found one little gallery that was really cool. The guy who owns it makes nifty gadgets out of forks and spoons. I was impressed by how useful a fork can be if you just bend it a little.

We also saw the photography of some guy named Josh Axelrod hanging for sale. I think Chris should start selling his photography in galleries. Chris took some INCREDIBLE pictures while Ryan and I ran around in the snow. He posted a couple of them on his blog if you want to check it out. I'll post some on my blog soon.

After lunch we went to the spa at Castle Hill to got some fancy mini massages. We were laughing so hard because the girl behind the counter handed us some bathrobes and slippers then directed us down the hall to a locker room. Once we got there, we just stood there looking around wondering what to do next. "I guess we're supposed to put these on...are we supposed to take off ALL our clothes?" As soon as those words came out of my mouth we turned around and saw some naked lady walking around.

We tried to stifle our laughter, but we stood out like sore thumbs in there. It was blatantly obvious that we were not regular spa-goers. The fact that we set up my camera on a trash can and posed for this self-portrait shows you how much we did not fit the mold.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, got some awesome massages and laughed a lot...A LOT A LOT! Our afternoon at the spa prepared us well for our final day of skiing.

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Anonymous said...

Have I ever told you about my experience with Becky Callender at the spa in Slovakia? Lets just say it was very....European.
(and scarey!)