Thursday, July 19, 2007

Weekend Report

This weekend Ryan was on call from friday morning at 7am until Monday at I decided to drive down to Granger for the last day of Camp Adventure, Church on Saturday night, some chips and salsa with a bunch of my friends, the annual GCC staff picnic and the Transformers movie.

Being at camp was incredible. I got to be there for Friday night's "Rhythmic Movement Celebration" (its not a dance) afterwhich all of the counselors and directors jump in the pool with their clothes on. As you can see by the picture, dad did the same thing again on Sunday afternoon at the GCC Staff Picnic at Tim Steven's house. I think the children were confused. I heard one say, "but mommy, he got his clothes all wet!"

Speaking of dad, this weekend's sermon was one of the best he has preached. Click HERE to listen. Im serious. You have to listen to this one!

And lastly, the Transformers movie was actually really good. I was suprised, because going in I assumed it was a guy-car-guy-destruction-guy type of movie...and it was, but I also liked there you go.
Ryan survived his first crazy weekend as a resident. He is a superhuman. This year is going to be a true adventure, figuring out how to prioritize our life, finding creative ways to spend time together and making specific plans to have fun and go places together.
HEY! Any spouses of really busy people out there who have any good ideas for me, I'M ALL EARS!!


B. Irv said...

I happen to know a spouse with just the experience you are looking for... just need to connect!

your Bro said...

haha dad kind of looks like he is doing some sort of ballet move off of the diving board. I miss you and wish I could of been at the fun family and friends shindig. You are much cooler than me-