Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On Moving

Moving to Grand Rapids was a CRAZY time!! Ryan drove from GR to Chicago late Thursday night and we finished packing boxes. Then Friday morning we picked up the U-Haul (which was about 4 feet too short for our apatment to fit in) and began to load. We had Bryan, Aaron, and Carson there to help, which made the packing much more enjoyable.

We closed up the truck and fed everyone pizza before getting on the road to GR. Michelle and Bryan were heading to West Michigan to celebrate Carolyn's first birthday party, so they were nice enough to help us drive our stuff to GR.

We had quite the caravan going. Bryan drove Ryan's Jeep, Ryan drove the U-Haul, Michelle drove her car (affectionately known as the Green Bean), and I brought up the rear in my car. We got to GR around 1:45am and woke up the next morning a 6:45am to start getting stuff ready to unload the truck at our new place!

Bryan and Michelle helped us uload too, because they have been the best neighbors of our life. Joel and Faye are our new next door neighbors, so Joel helped us with the unloading process too! Yippee for great neighbors!

We actually managed to get everything into the apartment, except for one blue couch that simply could not fit! We tried to take it to the Salvation Army, but they rejected it! Haha.

Amazingly, we got every single thing we own into our aparment in time to go to a grill out where I got to meet all of the DeVos Residents and Program Director and Ryan's new friends. Luckily I managed to misplace my flip flops and had to wear my sporty tennis shoes with my nice white cropped pants to the party. That's a great first impression! Haha! Ryan didn't seem to mind my dorky shoes, which is just one more reason why I love him.
Sunday afternoon Cliff and Huddy had us over for lunch and we got to see Hillary and Kevin too. Good food, good times!

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