Friday, July 6, 2007

Normal Humans

Today is a big day! The phone and TV are getting hooked up, which will make this place seem more like home. We're only getting the basic basic basic cable package though, so I'll be cutting E! out of my life cold turkey style.

Ryan's first night "on call" was the 4th. My parents came up to help me hang pictures and get my house in better shape than this picture shows. We watched the fireworks on the Pearl Street bridge while Ryan gazed upon them from the 9th floor of the hospital. He wears scrubs when he's on call, which makes him look like a real doctor, but then he IS a real doctor. AMAZING!

He is running on 1.5 hours of sleep. Residents are not normal humans.


Mindy said...

1.5 hours of sleep! Ugh! I think I would keel over! Good thing he took up coffee drinking.... your place looks pretty cool (I'm using my imagination to remove the PILE in the photo, which I'm sure is sorted out by now!!! :)) Welcome back to Grand Rapids!

B. Irv said...

feelin the pain. total of 34 min in a 25 hr shift... Some say its the price to pay to work in a pretty cool way.

To Ryan: Hope you and doc collins had a good call. I'll see ya around Aug / Sept / Oct

katie holt said...

i miss you! i loved watching fireworks in grand rapids. that's such a great town.

i love you!