Friday, July 27, 2007

I Heart Hope College

Today I got to hang out with my friend Courtney. She is going to Hope College this fall, so we walked around and checked out her dorm and whatnot. She is pretty much one of the coolest gals I know. On Monday she is heading to Southern India with a team from Granger. SHE IS INCREDIBLE! I am so excited about all that is in store for her at Hope. Woo-Hoo!!Walking around campus makes me realize two things. #1 - I am old. #2 - I am so thankful that I got to go there. I am who I am in so many ways because of the people I met at Hope and the things I learned at Hope. I even met Ryan at Hope...which was the best part!


Tannerman said...

Go Taylor U!

Mindy said...

Hope is so special to its alumni! I love visiting campus and it will always feel like a second home! ::sigh::