Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Day

While many families across the nation were having easter-egg hunts and pot-luck dinners, we were out in the woods unloading a few rounds from the glock.

What did you do on Easter day?

Even Mom gave it a try. She is a dead-eye!

Is it bad that we've only been married 3 years but we already have matching coats?


Transplant said...

We had our very first Easter Stew. Sounds odd, but it was cold, and stew just seemed like the best dinner. And it was.

Mindy said...

i'm not kidding when i tell you that our family is very similar ... even with the guns on easter thing... you should try stick-on exploding targets, they make things even more interesting... gotta love the midwest!

tim and brooke said...

Hi Amber (and Ryan)!
Your blog is always so fun to look at! I laughed at the pics of you guys on Easter day. The Oosting fam has enjoyed similar outings up north at my parent's cabin. :) Tim and I also have matching fleece jackets (although different colors). Tim always rolls his eyes when I put it on and he already has it on...but I think it's funny! Hehe. :)

Hope the rest of your day is a keeper!

~ Brooke

PS. We'd love to get together with you guys some time in June! Just let us know when!

J Aquila said...

You guys could be a team (like Starsky and Hutch) with those jackets. You have the firearms training. Now all you need is a sweet Ford muscle car.