Sunday, March 4, 2007

We're back from Gore Mountain

What a weekend! The drive up to Gore through the Adirondack Mountains was gorgeous! We stayed in Lake George, which looks like an awesome place to visit in the summer. Saturday morning we got up in time to be the first on the mountain when it opened. I do enjoy skiing on the freshly groomed early morning slopes.

Ryan's Mom and I took some class lessons on the 2nd day. Since we were age 13 and over, our class was called, "Improving Your Skills" which is exactly what we needed. (I was picturing myself following a line of 5 year olds down the slopes - I was glad there was a class for people over 13.) It was great because there were only three people in our class, so it seemed more like a private lesson. We learned techniques. Then we practiced those techniques. Next time we go skiing we can help eachother remember the techniques.
On the ski lift, we met this local guy who told us that no one who lives in Lake George eats in Lake George...unless they go to a resturaunt called "George's." So Ryan's mom and I asked him exactly where this "George's" was so that we could go there for dinner. Later that night, we checked it out, and it was such a cool atmosphere. As you can see, there were probably a hundred tiffany lamps hanging from the ceiling. I would suggest that if you order the Chicken Marsala, you should split it with's really a lot of food. a lot a lot.


Chris Goeppner said...

used to live up in that area. buuuuuurrrrrrr!

ruby said...

I notice you are on skis, not a snowboard...