Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Smokey Mountains, Here We Come"

Ryan found out yesterday that he starts his residency on June 18th! We have a lot to do before then, including a vacation hiking in the Smokey Mountains! Talk about a really good time for an amazingly small amount of money! Yippee! We booked our little cabin and will be heading south in May. I'm so excited!

If you have ideas of what we should do in Galtinberg, leave me a comment!


Sarah said...

Hey Amber! You will LOVE Gatlinburg! My family and I went there for a vacation in a chalet a few years ago and the memories are priceless. A few things to do while you are there: go to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede (its like Midieval Times except with the Union and Confederacy...I thought it was hilarious and my family and I laughed a lot about it), also, go into the National Park and go horseback riding (we just found a place in the park and it was fun). We also drove across through the mountains to the Cherokee indian reserve in NC (scenic drive), and there is the cutest restaurant off the beaten path that I know you will love but I can't remember the name of it. I will call my mom and ask. So exciting about residency. On that note, check out realtor.com and search for homes through that site. I found it extremely helpful and it sorts the homes very well. This is officially the longest post I ever left. Love you and talk to you soon!

Mindy said...

http://www.denning.smugmug.com/gallery/478461#19457348 photos of our trip to Gatlinburg, TN

We went there 2 years ago and loved it - but we did not do the Dollywood thing or any of that. We did drive up into the mountains, and hiked some trails along the mountain stream(s). We ate at Smoky Mountain Brewery (New Holland-type micro brews) and also a restaurant called Greenbrier, with a really interesting "haunted" history. It's a little fancier food but not too expensive - and very difficult to find (and a really scary uphill drive!). Google it if you're interested. Have fun!!!!