Thursday, March 22, 2007

I found THIS site that spoofs the NBC 'The More You Know' public service announcements with funny videos about some ridiculous church practices. It's all about poking fun and drawing attention to some of the things we do in the church that don't really matter. The things we get hung up on and really aren't the point.

Welcome to! We love Jesus, and His Body. This love compels us to question some of the characteristics and practices we see in the church we know...and this site is our way of doing that.

These 3 clips are my favorite! Hey have to watch the "clothing" one.


Sara said...

hey, thanks amber. you´re not so bad yourself. you can put me on your ¨blogaholics¨ linx...hehe! have a fabulous day. another question? i watch gcc wired every there a link we can watch it in spanish for antonio man? just curious! xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! I am SO excited about what God is going to do in France. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated, and if you or anyone you know would be interested in partnering with us to plant life-changing, rapidly reproducing churches in Paris that would be great too :)