Saturday, April 30, 2011

Papayas, 3rd Place Medals and Great Friends

Yesterday we had our friends Joel & Sarah, and Luke & Lindsay over for a grill out. They drove down to see us one last time before our baby is born and we move to Columbus. It was so much fun, as usual - we spent a lot of time laughing (some of us laughed until we cried) and enjoying amazing cuisine including grilled chicken, papaya fruit salad, and McCluskey Blueberry Crisp filled with actual McClusky blueberries.

Luke with his 3rd place medal from a 5k he ran earlier in the day.
It's always fun to get out the Hope College photo albums. These guys all lived together starting freshman year - so they have nearly 12 years of memories... many of which are not suitable blog material. haha.
The ladies... and the unborn. This was the day we've been waiting for - the day we wanted to make it to before having this baby. From here on out, I'm happy whenever she decides to make her debut.

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