Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lake Charlevoix

Luke and Lindsay drove up on Sunday to hang out at Lake Charlevoix with us. For the past 5 years Joel's parents have taken all of us out floating on their boat... but we keep having babies so Tom is probably going to have to buy a bigger one soon. Just kidding Tom, just kidding... depending on your reaction. haha.
Ruby and Isla were loving the boat ride.
This is Ryan's paradise. He loves that the shorelines of Lake Charlevoix are covered in trees and beaches and not completely covered in houses.
Luke and Lindsay's baby #2 is due this week. Lindsay should be on the cover of some magazine about being pregnant and looking good.
And of course, the classic group shot on the back of the boat.


Anonymous said...

You should be on the payroll of the Michigan Department of Tourism. It is only because of your photography skills and vivid descriptions that I, as a non-Michiganer, have been able to visualize something other than Detroit when I hear the word Michigan.

Sarah said...

It'll be fun to test how many babies is too many. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cutest Moms and babies ever!

Sara said...

i just have to tell you that i squealed when i saw ruby's face because i just want to SQUEEZE it off.
i also think it's amazing how nora weighs twenty one lbs and she's five mths. hilarious!!!!

and you are right.......your friend should totally be on a magazine. props to her for wearing a bathing suit.