Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Boyne City

We spent the weekend up in Northern Michigan with our friends Joel and Sarah from Hope College. On Saturday morning we woke up, packed up the kids in their strollers/backpacks and walked downtown Boyne City to the farmers market.
Here are some pictures of Jamus and Ruby. Jamus is 9 months, Ruby is 13 months... but they're just about the same weight. Ruby is almost 19.5 pounds... almost. Jamus is a hoss. He is rambunctious. Ruby never seemed so dainty and girly as she did while she and Jamus played together.
Sarah (she's a really good cook) made a ridiculous meal with all the food from the farmers market. The difference between a carrot from the grocery and a carrot from a local farmer is incredible. Also incredible, the difference between Sarah cooking dinner and me trying to do so.
The next morning Ryan and I hiked up this mountain for the view of Lake Charlevoix. Ryan carried Ruby on his back the whole time. I reminded him of this yesterday when he asked me why his calves were so sore.

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Sarah said...

I love you.