Saturday, July 17, 2010

Holland 100

Inspired by 2 weeks continuously watching Le Tour de France and Lance Armstrong commercials, all 4 men of the Cox family (dad and three sons) embarked on a 100-mile bike ride today.
They were fueled by GU and a passion for the wind in their bibs. They were incredible, they helped one another, and they all crossed the finish line together. 100 MILES! THAT'S REALLY FAR!
Momo, Sarah, Amanda, Ruby and I were there to cheer them through the somewhat ambiguous finish line... If I were in charge (which I'm not) there would be fanfare, streamers, huge waving flags and a gigantic finish line banner for the finish. I guess this parking lot was okay too.
So proud of our boys.


Chris cox said...

there should be raising of small children, and throwing of soft cheeses. as is tradition.

the deKorne family said...

that's so awesome! way to go to all your cyclists :)