Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation at the Lake

Blogging is kinda like exercising; if you don't do it for a few days, it's a lot harder to start back up. We spent last week without TV. Without an internet connection. Without distraction from technology and I even took a bit of a break from taking pictures! I know, right? This is me, I'm back from vacation and I'm exercising my blogging muscles.

First of all, I only got my camera out 2 times the whole week... and only took 6 pictures total - but this one of Ruby sums up her current stage/demeanor/attitude/general feistiness. She crawls around like a speedy, crazy gibbon, messing with anything she can get her hands on. Can you see the determination in her eyes? Also, she kinda looks like a boy in that tee-shirt.
Here are a few more highlights:
  1. I packed the morning we left... and forgot all of my hair stuff. No brush, no conditioner, no hairdryer, no styling tools, nothing for my crazy lion hair. Let's just say, it was a sight to behold. When we got there and I told Ryan what I had forgotten he said, "so is your hair going to look like this all week?" and I said, "yep. only worse." It was awesome.
  2. Throughout our marriage we have loved riding our bikes around the lake. We put Ruby in the bike trailer and took her on a little 13 mile ride. She only cried her head off for the last 6 miles - it was awesome.
  3. Ryan "grill-master" may have pushed us to the limit with the menu. In 5 days we grilled lamb shank, mahi tacos, baby-back ribs slathered in a tasty dry rub and topped off the week with a nice dry-aged then grilled to perfection steak. We are probably taking a little break from the grilling for a few days...
I loved our time as a little family. We were thankful for this week to rest before Ryan starts his year as Chief.


the deKorne family said...

so glad you got a getaway!!! and still impressed it was techno free. wish i could have seen the lion hair, because i don't believe it. :) great to see you yesterday!!

amandalynn said...

amber! you have the most beautiful baby.

The Freuds said...

Awesome running into to you at Alger Peds! Sounds like your vacation was quite the adventure!!