Tuesday, June 1, 2010

She's on the Move!

Look at John and Angela's precious Lydia! She's doing such a great job of growing. She's almost 8 pounds!
And here's Ruby and Uncle Aaron. They have similar hairstyles.
Our entire world changed on Saturday... Ruby is officially on the move. Mobile, unstationary, a roamer, migratory, perhaps even a bit nomadic. (Her crawl is more like a crab walking with one leg dragging behind, but nobody's perfect.) I have loved watching her scootch her little self around the house these last couple of days. Her new found mobility is putting a bit of a damper on nap time because she used to just lay there and eventually fall asleep, but now I'll walk by her room and she'll be quietly sitting up in her crib, looking through the bars at me.
This has also affected my shower/get ready for the day time. She used to sit in the hall by the bathroom reading her books while I get ready, but now she's out of my line of sight and down the hall in no time. Perhaps that "Problem Solvers" after school club I joined in 4th grade will finally pay off and I'll figure out a solution soon! My temporary solution included not showering and a couple, two, three days of dry shampoo (which is the most wonderful invention I've discovered since becoming a mother.)


Mindy said...

So cute! Now you need to post a video of her scooting through the house, that crawling phase seems to be a short (but so cute) one in the grand scheme. Welcome to the club of "Babies aren't hard work - TODDLERS ARE." LOL :) Great photos, too! She is such a doll...

Sarah said...

She is getting to be such a pretty little lady. Jamus is smitten.

I set a up our playpen or get my shower during a nap.

Waiting for news on your new hometown!!