Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and the winner is...

COLUMBUS, OHIO!! Ryan matched at his first choice! We will be moving next June and Ryan will spend 3 years as a Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow at Nationwide Children's Hospital/Ohio State University!

For those of you who would be interested in a "play-by-play" of the match, here's how it all went down:
  1. Ruby and I met Ryan at the hospital and he took us into one of the call rooms with a computer. This is what a call room looks like. A bed and a door. Very exciting.
  2. Ryan logged into the National Match website
  3. He clicked on the button that is supposed to tell us where we matched, but it didn't say anything... so we were confused for a minute.
  4. He logged in to the website for a 2nd time and... BOOM!
  5. We saw the results! YAHOO! We are so excited!
  6. Ryan's buddies Rich and Ajay were there to celebrate in the call room.
I can't wait to start learning more about where we are going to live, finding a church and finding us a house to rent. If you know anyone who knows anyone who has a beautiful mansion near Columbus they would like us to take care of for 3 years, please let me know. :o)


McElroy Family Happenings said...

After reading your post from earlier this morning I was eager to log back on and see if you'd posted Ryan's "match." Congratulations!!!!

And from a mother who has had not one, but two, babies with reflux and far more gross, spit upon laundry than one should ever have to handle....Ryan, may you discover a mgaical solution to baby reflux other than "wait it out for a year!"

Or at least offer your patients' parents a bottle of Spray 'n' Wash and coupons for Tide. ha!

Sheila said...

Wahoooo! We are so proud of Ryan, and not surprised Columbus wants his help to solve the world's GI problems. :) Way to be the best wife ever. We love you both so much.

(Mrs.) Lauren Beeson said...

I'm so glad you now have a vision of what the next phase of life will be like for you! Ohio will love the Cox Family.

There is a relatively new church plant called Veritas that's part of the Acts 29 Network. I have friends there and saying it's incredibly biblically sound and has a big vision for impacting the city. Here are some links! Phil and I are actually part of an Acts 29 church plant in Jersey and love the community and teaching we've found there.

Natalie said...

hey amber,
i go to gcc and have read your blog for a little while since i have a new little guy, too. anyway, i saw you will be headed to columbus! my husband and i will very likely be relocating there this summer. our plan is to help with a brand new church plant when we get there. here's the website just in case you're curious: best wishes even though we've never met :)


the deKorne family said...

sooo happy for you!!!! ajay was one of kaiya's main doctors when she was in the hospital. the very first day he was the first person to come to the waiting room and tell us what was going on. fun to know they are friends. just so thankful all worked out so well for you-but glad you aren't moving for a year!!! :) praise God!!

Chris Cox said...

Hey Amber,

This is Chris, your brother in law, from Grand Rapids, I see you around sometimes.

You guys will claim it in Ohio.

I will visit.

And we will go to a good restaurant, and Ryan will remember it for years. Because he remembers good dinners for decades.

Live long and prosper


Nic said...

Congratulations Ryan, Amber and Ruby! I'm so excited for you guys!!

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