Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heavy Hearts - Ava update

I can't remember a time when my heart has been this heavy. Precious Ava's diagnosis is not good - but we are believing for miracles. My cousin Josh said it best in his blog today, "Stats are stats, stats aren't Ava."
Below is the update from Josh this morning: Please, please keep praying for Ava. I can't express how much we covet your prayers.
We got the diagnosis today. It was worse than we imagined. It was not what they originally thought. It was diagnosed as a GBM. This aggressive brain cancer is very resistant to traditional forms of cancer treatment. While we have sent the pathology to other places now for a second opinion and are praying the original was wrong, we are taking seriously the plan to move forward knowing we are facing an uphill battle with our little warrior.

We can't do anything for a little while anyway since she has to heal from her surgery, so we have a bit of time to devise a game plan. What we do know is that Ava's healing will need to be a miracle from God (although we have known that from the beginning). The cancer she has is very, very rare in children and the prognosis is statistically not good. But, stats are stats. Stats aren't Ava.

We will continue to pray like crazy and ask for wisdom from God to treat this monster. Lisa and I are committing to living everyday not thinking about tomorrow since we can't do anything about it anyway. We ask that you would pray for us to stay that course and do what is best for Ava everyday as we live through it with her.

She is progressing well with the surgery recovery and even moved her left leg a bit today. I go to bed tonight knowing that God has our little girl right where He needs her and that He is the one we are responsible to trust.

It's been a hard day. We covet your prayers. Thank you so much for being faithful in praying for Ava. It's easy to lean on God when it's all you can do. That is what we are doing.


amandalynn said...

praying for her

Joann said...

God, please touch little Ava with your healing.

Leticia said...

I'm praying for Ava and her family as I'm shedding tears... Please keep us updated.

Becky Hunter said...

Ava's grandma here. Amber, thank you for lifting up Ava and for sharing this prayer need with your many friends. Our whole family is so very grateful. Please keep praying! Ava is grateful for the prayers...she will tell you herself at

Mo said...

Poor little thing. I've been thinking about all you guys every single day. When I read this I thought of something someone said to me once when I was referring to my friend Laurie and how her chances of getting pregnant were slim...they said 'God doesn't do percentages or statistics...he does exactly what he wants'. Kinda like what Josh said. Laurie is pregnant with twins and due anytime now. Praying and praying. xoxo.