Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mingling Fingers

Ruby's left had found her right hand last week and since then she has spent many of her waking hours with her chubby little fingers mingling together. This new talent makes her look like she is coming up with a grand plan to take over the world or something. Very funny.
We're in the "please take a nap in your crib" stage... which has been difficult considering the number of days we have been at home compared to the number of days we've been traveling around all summer. Ruby is a champ at taking naps, they just happen more often in my arms than they probably should.

I know it won't be long before she is crawling around exploring her world beyond the perimeter of her tiny blanket on the floor, so I don't mind holding her as much as she lets me. She's so warm and cuddly and she smells so sweet... except, of course, when she creates a "poo-bomb".


Mindy said...

that is SO funny / cute - check out the link: Lucy doing about the same thing around the same age (I didn't put her hands this way)! Henry never did that though.


Anonymous said...

Man... I CAN'T wait to see your guyses faces this weekend!! YAHOOOO!! Love ya!!

Mo said...

haha. Aww. what a sweetiepie.