Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beef Tenderloin - Part Deux

I'm sure you've all been waiting on pins and needles to find out how my fancy dinner for Ryan turned out...

Let me begin by saying, since I didn't buy the $83 tenderloin... it was more like beef 'New York Strip' loin.

When Ryan saw the bag of deliciousness marinating in the fridge he got a curious look in his eye and asked if he needed to buy more charcoal for the grill. I said excitedly, "No grill needed - I'm going to bake it!" To which he replied, "Bake? Steak? I don't think you can bake New York Strip... can you?"

So I googled "bake a steak" just in case it's impossible to bake a steak. I found that it's been done... however, these steaks were so huge and glorious it would be a pitty to ruin them with such experimentation.

I considered titling this post "I appreciate the effort, though!" because that's what Ryan said to me when we decided to grill the steaks instead of bake them.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that these were the most melt-in-your mouth, deliciously juice-tastic, grilled to perfection steaks I have ever tasted in my life. I was able to eat almost a quarter of mine and Ryan managed almost half! We will be eating the following meals for the rest of this week:
  • steak quesadillas
  • steak sandwiches
  • tacos with steak
  • some steak
  • steak
Ruby was having a bit of a cryin' jag while the Webber was heating up, but thanks to her swing we enjoyed our dinner in peace with some instrumental Imogen Heap playing in the background. This was a dinner we will remember for a long time.

I can see us sitting on our porch 30 years from now and Ryan will say, "Remember when you bought those gigantic steaks?" And I'll laugh and say, "Oh, you mean the beef tenderloin?" and he won't laugh because he didn't read the original Beef Tenderloin post... it was kinda long.


Nic said...

Since we are in a apartment and I love grilling but am not allowed to grill. I use the oven quite often. I love cooking which works out because Jen doesn't. Anyway, I love using the broiler. I'll stove top steaks and then pop them in the broiler and that gives them the flame kiss they need and so desperately want

Heather said...

Thanks, Amber. I just received your comment. Josh was my husband's 15-year-old brother. It has been a devastating week. Thank you for your concern. The thoughts and prayers of our friends and family made all the difference.

Mark Beeson said...

Oh yea...we'll all remember. Thanks for sharing the story.

Sarah Schraw said...

Oh my gosh. Even funnier than Part I. I love it.