Monday, July 20, 2009

Why we named her Ruby Dawn

  • This is my dear friends Ruby. Ryan and I have always loved her name and about 3 years ago we decided that if we ever had a little girl we would name her Ruby. 
  • As you may know, my name is Amber, which is a gem and a color... and Ruby is also a gem and a color.
  • We gave her the middle name Dawn because my mom is Sheila Dawn, my sister is Angela Dawn and I am Amber Dawn, so we decided to keep the tradition alive.
In related news, Ruby has been serving and teaching in Mexico for the past 2 years. She is with an awesome organization called Back2Back and will be staying on with them for another year. You can read more about what she does on her blog. If you would like to help financially support Ruby and all the lives she is touching in Mexico, send a check with the name "Ruby Moyer" in the memo to:
Back2Back Ministries
8118 Corporate Way
Suite 201
Mason, OH 45040

1 comment:

Becky Hunter said...

I loved Ruby's name before I knew why you named her that...if it's possible to do so, I believe I love it even more now that I've "virtually" met your wonderful friend. Enjoy your beautiful daughter! I'm counting the days until Phil's wedding when Uncle Hunter and I get to meet her!