Friday, July 10, 2009

Things I've learned this month

Ruby is one month old today, which gives me a month of parenting under my belt. Here are a few recommendations for new moms during their first month with a newborn. The following has worked for me, but I offer no guarantees.

  • Get a spare key and hide it somewhere for when you lock yourself out of your house
  • Try to laugh at yourself because you're gonna mess up
  • Clip a baby's fingernails while you're feeding them and they're distracted
  • Buy some dry shampoo for yourself since it may be 2-3 days between proper showers
  • Read Babywise 4-5 times and follow accordingly... Feed/Wake/Sleep routine really works!
  • Invest in a great stroller and take lots of walks
  • Have fun with your spouse, go on a date, spend time just the two of you
  • Newborn onesies only fit for a few weeks - don't buy a million of them
  • Take some naps, eat some food, don't forget to drink lots of water!
In other news, Ruby weighs 10 pounds already! Check out her chubbiness! WOAH!


kaleytaylor said...

Yes, I love this! Can you do more of these? And further elaborate on the two-to-three-days-between-properly-showering thing? This scares me. WAH.

Ruby is really cute :)

Mo said...

Amber, you guys have done a great job. She's loved and she's gaining weight. Two most important things.

Kaley, lack of showers isn't scarey...just wait for blow out diapers or barf down your boobs. Now that's scarey! "Ehh...A little help here!!"

B. Irv said...

So last I read you guys were trying the happiest baby on the block method. Did you switch after a few days weeks? Carolyn was a babywise drop out... she didn't do well without sleep prop's. Oh well. We did somewhat of a mixture. I am sure you all are great parents

Mindy said...

Babywise worked well for Lucy (Henry didn't seem to need any "training") - although I take methods like that with a grain of salt, there are always times when you need to break the "rules". Seems like we worked so hard to get Lucy on a schedule... and then were petrified to go anywhere because our universe revolved around her precious schedule! With Henry it's a lot more go-with-the-flow. I do like the wake-eat-play-sleep order VERY much, it seems to make a lot of sense!

heather said...

Oh Ruby is just adorable. She is really filling out a lot! Those cheeks...