Friday, July 3, 2009

He Went To Jared!

Five years ago today Ryan and I got married - and began our journey of life together. These have been the best 5 years of my life. I've never been more in love with Ryan than I am today. He is remarkable in every way.

When Ryan gave me my gift we laughed a lot as we acted out the entire "he went to Jared" commercial, then I opened the box and saw a gorgeous Ruby necklace! He said that I gave him a Ruby and he wanted to give me one too. So romantic - so thoughtful - so special that it represents our little girl.

Last night Ryan's mom and dad took care of Ruby (our daughter, not my necklace) so we could have an anniversary date. Since I couldn't eat sushi when I was pregnant Ryan took me out for my favorite spicy tuna sushi. We haven't found any really great sushi places in GR... and always find ourselves comparing all sushi to what we had when we lived in Chicago. Needless to say, the sushi last night was pretty good. 

We decided to follow up our sushi date with dessert at Chili's, and once we got there Ryan decided to order some little big-mouth burgers and fries before dessert... he is hilarious eating dinner again after our sushi.
I love you Hunny, you've made me the happiest woman over these last 5 years and I am thrilled that I get to spend the rest of my life with you. Here's to another 95 years!!


Elizabeth Keim said...

The title of your post made me laugh out loud!! I can picture you two acting out the commercial :) Congrats on 5 years - that went fast!! Can't wait to meet Ruby :)

Mo said...

i'm glad you clarified which RUBY ryan's parents watched. i totally thought they were guarding your new piece of jewlery...but i'm glad to know someone was watching your child too.

you make me laugh :)

happy anny!

Sarah Schraw said...

Nice work on the thoughtful gift Ry-pie!

And nice work to both of you already letting the in-laws babysit. I aspire to have a date that soon after Tad is born.

Anonymous said...

Thus begins the erratic naming of children 2,3, and 4. Their names: Big Diamond, Fur Coat, and Jaguar. Ryan, you are pretty much set for anniversaries 10, 15, and 20!