Thursday, October 27, 2011


My Ruby Girl is a funny one. We went to Hobby Lobby today for some big pine cones, construction paper and googlie eyes (I'm going to attempt to do a CRAFT with my children... more on that later) but when we passed these sparkly winter cardinals on the 60%off shelf I couldn't resist.

Since the purchase was made, Ruby has not stopped holding, playing with and talking about her "very special, very breakable, sparkly card-in-al." (Did you see how I tried to make "cardinal" a blatantly 3-syllable word so you can read it they way Ruby says it?) Anyway, she is in love with this bird. She told me she is going to sleep in his cozy nest tonight.

Here are a few other funny things she's been saying lately:

  • "Hey Hun! How was your day?" (when Ryan comes home, she says this to him exactly like I would.)
  • "It's pretty good" or "I'm doing pretty good." (this is the answer to 90% of the questions we ask her.)
  • "Baby Clara Gurrrrrlllll." (how she refers to her sister)
  • "I'm just looking with my eyes." (what she says when I catch her in the bathroom playing with all of my jewelry... which has been spilled out on the floor, spread around and obviously not just "looked at" with her eyes.)
  • "Are you scissoring that?" (instead of "cutting")
  • "Are you q-tipping you ears?" (instead of cleaning my ears - it makes perfect sense!)

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Olivia File said...

haha love it Amber! Ruby is getting so big!