Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hidden Treasure

It was a beautiful morning for a car wash.

To our surprise, while Ryan and Ruby were washing our cars over the weekend, they discovered a hidden treasure under the front seat of the new (used) mini van we bought a little while ago to cart around our growing family.

Ryan brought the recently discovered treasure into the house and said something along the lines of, "did this fall out of your grocery bags? I didn't think you were a 'Beef and Garlic' type of gal." and set it on the counter.

I couldn't remember ever buying hamburger helper, but know that pregnancy brain is a reasonable explanation, so I figured I must have thrown it in my cart on a whim when I was pregnant with Clara... UNTIL I took a closer look and noticed the expiration date was October 15th, 2004! WHAT?!?

Double WHAT?!?!! Ryan found something in the van that even the Honda Dealer didn't find when they cleaned it up to sell it again!

Triple WHAT?!?!! The van is a 2007 which means that somehow, this boxed meal has existed since more than 3 years before the van was made, and 8 years before it sat on my kitchen counter today. This can mean one of three things:
  1. One of the first owners of our van liked to eat expired food.
  2. Someone working on the Honda manufacturing line forgot their (expired) boxed lunch inside what would eventually become our van.
  3. One of Ryan's buddies (cough...Lukecough) has pranked us with this Beefy meal. 
It's a mystery! What do you think?


the mrs. said...

OR option 4 - it was so old it grew legs and hitched a ride.... in which case you should destroy it immediately!

Anonymous said...

I can competently testify as a fact witness (who would like to maintain his or her anonymity) that I was present when something very much like supposition 3 occurred. You might want to also look for a very old bottle of Texas Pete... just sayin'.

amberWIRE said...

Thanks for the tip, anonymous friend who speaks Lawyer. Ryan is currently looking in our cupboards and saying, "Texas Pete! That's totally Luke! I've seen it at his house..."