Thursday, October 27, 2011


After the 25 Year Celebration we spent a couple of days in Granger with my family. Uncle Matt and Aunt Linda were there for the fun, and the Fall weather was beautiful!

Clara having fun with Aunt Linda
My Uncle Matt and Aunt Linda are so great. Ruby and Clara think so too. My favorite thing about being with Uncle Matt is how much me makes my dad laugh. I guess that's what brothers are for.
Photo by Mark Beeson
Photo by Mark Beeson
My mom is the champion of making learning fun. She always has games and blocks and all sorts of wonderful and educational things for Ruby to do at her house. Ruby played "memory" for a long time on the floor with my mom.

Me and my Clara Girl
Topping off our short time together, we celebrated the October Birthdays. Happy Birthday to my Mom and to my Sister Angela!!

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