Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Here's what it's like to live with a 2-year old.

Me: "I love you Ruby Dawn."
Ruby: "I love you too Sweetheart."

Ruby: (very loudly in a crowded public bathroom) "Good job Mommy! Good Job going potty Mommy!!"
Me: ...thanks Ruby.

Me: "Okay Ruby, the timer went off, so now you can come out of timeout."
Ruby: "Okay! Now I can get a prize!!"
Me: "A PRIZE? You don't get a prize for coming out of timeout! You were in timeout because you were bad!"
Ruby: Okay, can I go in timeout again? We can set the timer!"
Me: No, you don't get to go in timeout right now... wait... did you just reverse psychology me?"

Ruby: (up to her elbows in whatever meal we are eating) "I have to go potty RIGHT NOW!"
Me: "Okay! Hold it for just a sec while I wipe off your hands..."
Ruby: (happily) "I peed in my chair. Want to get some new pants?" 
Me: (grrrrrr...) "You already peed or you need to?"
Ruby: "Yep, I peed in my chair."


April Gann said...

I love this. She's the cutest. And I love that you are capturing it all so well. Miss you! Now that summer's over, I'm dying to have a lunch date! :(

the mrs. said...

awww! that is crazy cute. i love it.
we're potty training right now too.... wow - adventure!! i love the mess that is our days sometimes. it is great.

Mark Beeson said...

Wait a minute. I'm not sure, does that word mean urinate?

chaddykathi said...

Too cute! Gotta love the words coming out of their mouths! Hope the potty training is going okay! We are at a stand still...currently whenever we ask if she wants to go potty in the toilet, she just says "No thanks you." Polite...but we're getting nowhere!