Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laugh it off

This laughing workout may be just the diet plan you've been hoping for.

...or it might be the most horrifying thing you've ever seen!


Mark Beeson said...

No doubt about it.
Absolutely horrifying.

katie holt said...

agreed. horrifying. i might not sleep right now.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that old saying "Laugh, and the world laughs with you"? Well, not in this case.

Jess Luepke said...

I may have to pick this little training tip up to use with my clients.

If I want to lose my job.

Bridget A Pitney said...

Where I work, one of the case managers does Laughter Yoga with her clients for therapy. They just sit in a room and mostly just laugh. She claims laughter helps release endorphins and can make the clients feel better so they want to work hard on their goals.
It sounds kinda new age creepy though.

The Freuds said...

wow. it doesn't seem real. hoping it's not. wow.