Friday, January 7, 2011

The Closet in Ruby's Room

Today I tackled the closet in Ruby's room. I hesitate to call it "Ruby's Closet" because to be honest, it's mostly full of my stuff. I started at 9am, but couldn't work on it during Ruby's nap this morning from 10-12. It was hard for me to wait for her to wake up... I almost went in there to purposely disturb her from her slumber.

Here's the before pic - quite a disaster and I haven't seen the floor in years.
I started with the top shelf, moved to the floor, then dealt with everything in the middle. I saved the white plastic drawer thing for last since I knew it was another one of those items we moved from Chicago and haven't really touched. We're in the habit of taping the drawers in place, loading the whole thing on the moving truck and taking it with us whenever we move. UNTIL NOW! mwaa haa haa haaaa! This time when we move, that white drawer thing will only have stuff in it that we want and need! Hooray!

Here are a few of the items that I found in there:
  • a million headbands (I wore headbands a lot in college)
  • jewelry jewelry jewelry
  • $.56 (BONUS!!)
  • 5 packs of spare toothbrushes (Yay, oral hygiene!)
  • contact lenses that are my old prescription (-1.00)
  • dried up fingernail polish and makeup
  • earrings without a mate
  • Sunscreen that expired in May of 2002
Here's the "after" pic
... which doesn't really look incredibly different from the "before" since Ruby's snowsuit is still hanging on the door, but I know it's better because I have another bag of clothes to donate to the Women's Resource Center, as well as a bag of jewelry and hair supplies to give to friends and/or sell.

If you want to come over and dig through my jewelry and headband give-away pile, come on over!


Anonymous said...

At this lightning speed you'll be ready for baby girl to come next month! hehehe..Hugs, MOMO

Catie said...

Hey Ambs! Your blog still doesn't refresh in my newsfeed, no idea why, but just wanted you to know i check back and love reading about your world. Glad to stay connected through this fun interweb:) Tell Ryan I said HEY-O! and sweet kisses for that Ruby-kins. Congrats on the babes on the way:)