Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend of Wonderfulness

What a weekend! It's amazing how much we did considering it was one of the few weekends we decided to stay in town!

Saturday morning we woke up and the power was out, so after a few hours while the house got hotter and hotter we decided to go downtown to see this inflatable water slide on Lyon Street. It was a special 2-day event for anyone in the city who wanted to ride. We spontaneously met Chris and Amanda on the top floor of Ryan's parking garage at work to see the festivities from the air. The slide wasn't really as high, fast, big or awesome as we thought it might be, but thouands of people were lined up to slide anyway.
After that we grabbed gyros at the Pita House then Ryan and Chris stopped at MadCap for Ryan's favorite coffee. Amanda and I hung out with Ruby, who loves having her hand in a glass of ice.
We got home later that afternoon and the power was STILL OUT, stuff in the fridge was in danger of spoiling... very unfortunate! Luckily, it came back on that night soon as we had packed our overnight bags and loaded everything into the car to spend the night at Ryan's parents.
Today after church we went to the Tour de Gaslight in East Grand Rapids. Ryan has been so excited about this race, to see pro riders going as fast as they can around and around a .8 mile loop for 70 minutes. It really was amazing to watch, especially to see them take the corners at the speed of light. I would've crashed into the pole that held the "start line" tape... so I was really impressed.
We spent the entire afternoon in East, ran into a handful of friends and enjoyed all the fanfare... especially Ryan, who might have liked today more than Christmas.

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B. Irv said...

After growing up in East and seeing your post makes me a bit nostalgic and jealous. That city has certainly grown (changed is more accurate) a great deal since I left in the mid 90's. But, alas, it is too far for an OBGyn to live, especially when you get the "You are needed here now" page from the south side of town. Glad you all had a great time!