Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Remember the Scut Monkeys? Well, let me introduce you to this year's Residency Softball team, the FOREIGN BODIES!!! Tonight was the first game, and it wasn't pretty.
They tried their best... upon getting mercied, realized that perhaps the off-season wasn't as productive as necessary.
Some would have called it a brutal defeat, but the Foreign Bodies were just warming up. Ryan got a hit and a run because he is awesome!
The new name "Foreign Bodies" gives the cheering section a bit of a problem. What do we yell? "Go Bods!" "Here we go Bodies, Here we go!" I don't know what to cheer. Hopefully by the next game Ruby and I will figure it out.
Ryan wants you to know that by "Foreign Bodies" they are specifically talking about something you aspirate, not something that gets stuck in your eye - which is what I initially presumed.

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Robert said...

I'm glad Ryan had a softball game, it forced him to change out of that green t-shirt...ub