Friday, August 6, 2010

Grandma Cox's Surprise 80th Birthday Party

Ryan's mom is pretty much one of the most incredible hostesses I've ever known. She worked for months organizing all sorts of creative ideas for all of us to celebrate Grandma Cox's 80th birthday 5 months early... Grandma was very surprised!
Aunt Carol wrote a song to the tune of "Jeremiah was a Bull Frog" since that's the only tune Uncle Bob can remember. I think Grandma loved hearing all 21 of us sing to her.
Then we all read some facts to Grandma about what she was doing/where she and Grandpa were living when they was each of our ages. The most hilarious part was when each of us read the title of the song that was popular when Grandma was our age and everyone would break out in song. Uncle Bob even threw in a leg kick for emphasis. We laughed a lot.
The finale of the evening was a slide show of old pictures from Grandma and Grandpa's life - which included many classic and stylish outfits and hairdos. Thanks to Aunt Katie for pulling that together!

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Rebekah Wallace said...

looks like a wonderful time Amber!