Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Little Breath-Holder

Welcome to my most emotional state of motherhood to date... We just got home from the pediatrician's office where Ruby got her first round of immunizations. I seriously was not prepared to cry more than she did!

She's fine, and of course I am thrilled to know that she will be protected against all sorts of diseases, but it's so hard to hear her cry from pain. I never knew what her pain cry sounded like until an hour ago. Apparently she is a "breath holder" when she's hurt because she let out a huge scream then her beautiful little face got redder and redder while she didn't inhale for what seemed like 9 or 10 long, drawn-out seconds, followed by another terrible series of wails. So sad.

She is happily sleeping right now and I still have some tears rolling down my face.

It's been 2 hours now, I'm doing better - here's how she's doing...


Mindy said...

band-aids! she's so cute. shots are no fun!!

Mo said...

I too hate immunization day. Colt is always really happy and smiling right before he gets poked too...which makes it so much worse.

You're high on life then someone goes and sticks a needle in your thigh. It's wrong, all wrong.

I'm glad Ruby's ok.

Anonymous said...

sometimes taking those band-aids off are just as bad!!!

Tracy Beeson said...

She's making a face just like Ryan! Too cute! I can't wait to hug her so tight!!

Lea and Steve said...

It doesn't get any easier as they get older when they are in pain either, I hate to tell you. When they are in emotional pain it is even worse. Luckily our Mother Heart can help them heal. They never get too old or too big to hold. :) *sniff*