Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st Morning

Ruby Dawn slept well and the rumor circulating around the hospital -
and the greater Grand Rapids metroplex - declares she is the "...most
beautiful baby ever born in these parts..."
(We're unable to verify whether or not Sheila is responsible for
starting these rumors. We report. You decide.)

- Amber's Dad / Guest Blogger


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Great job, Amber & Ryan!

I think she rivals you as a pretty baby, Amber!
Jackie (Bennett) Jones

Anonymous said...

And even if Sheila did start the rumor, it does not follow that the rumor is untrue. She is a pretty one.

Transplant said...

Hooray for little girls!!!

Congratulations! You and Ruby have a grand journey together ahead of you! There's nothing like having daughters, and I ought to know!

Also, she's adorable!

Transplant said...

(Also, dads and little girls are very special too!)

Katie Kelly said...

yeah, Im pretty sure she's the most adorable thing ever. Good work!

Rochelle said...

Amber and Ryan, She is beautiful!!!! Congratulations! I bet Ted and Deb are SO excited to have a baby girl in the family! We're so happy for you all and hope to meet her someday soon!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl! I'm sure grandma and grandpa Beeson are extremely proud of her!

Mo said...

I vote for more pictures.