Sunday, November 11, 2007

Foggy Saturday Morning

We went down to my parents house on Friday night to help out with a video for the parenting series at Granger next weekend. My brother Aaron flew up from Florida and my sister Angela came over too! It was so fun to see them - even for just a couple of hours.

Mom and Dad have three cats at their house. Socks, Maggie, and Terrence. They all live outside where they roam around hunting and climbing trees all day

Terrence the cat follows Ryan everywhere he goes. It's hilarious! If Ryan walks slowly, Terrence does too. If Ryan runs, Terrence runs too. Even if Ryan steps up on a rock or a log, Terrence follows right behind.


Flame Lilly said...

what an amazing back yard! when we come to visit Katie we'll have to visit you guys too!

DC Curry said...

Yep so those cats are nutz AND creep...i'm scared...seriously they follow you around like dogs, i don't get it.