Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Confessions of a Squirrel Biffer

The weather this week has been AWESOME, so Ryan and I went on a long bike ride through the streets of Heritage Hill and around Reeds Lake. We were about 6 miles into our ride when something terrible happened.

I BIFFED A SQUIRREL! The little buddy jumped right into my back tire and all I heard was a "thud thud chirSQUEEEP" sound. Ryan was riding in front of me, so he didn't see it happen, he only heard it.

I yelled "I BIFFED A SQUIRREL!" which made us both chuckle a little since for three years we have often talked about biffing something, but had never actually done it until now.

We turned around to see if we could find the little guy...to make sure he was okay...or dead...both of which would have been better than suffering. Unfortunately, there were so many bushes that I couldn't really find him. We didn't hear him squeaking, so I am assuming he was unscathed by the incident and is happily skittering around gathering nuts for the winter as I type this post.

Needless to say, I am a squirrel biffer. It happened so fast that even my cat-like reflexes were not quick enough to dodge him.

Sorry little squirrel buddy.


Anonymous said...

Came here to get a smile after a weird day.



J Aquila said...

You truly crack me up. I miss you guys. Thanks for the b-day wishes. I'm glad you were born to.

John said...

Oh wow, that musta been bad!

I hit a badger with my car once....and a fox, and it always makes me squirm.

Gotta love those little furry creatures! ;-)

Michelle Wegner said...

Ryan could have fit the mamed squirrel in that big bag of his and brought him right to the hospital to have him all spiffed up! Poor squirrel just left for dead!

DC Curry said...

hahahahahaha, i mean, that's terrible!