Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some Thoughts on Stuff

"Are you moving your feet? I think I can feel your feet twitching a little bit, the sheets are twitching."

That's what Ryan said a few hours after we went to bed last night. I think I'm must be a little bit anxious or something...because my feet were definitely restless. It was like that "restless legs syndrome" commercial. I was trying to sleep, but kept myself awake because I couldn't get my feet to just lay there with the rest of my body.

Today is our last day officially here in Chicago. Our apartment is basically all packed in boxes and tomorrow after church we load up the Jeep and drive to Grand Rapids. Ryan starts Residency on Monday, but we can't move into our new apartment until July 1...which leaves us a 2 week window of ridiculousness. Luckily we have friends who have grandparents who are nice enough to let us sleep in their basement for a couple of weeks. (Thank you Heidi!!)

Our stuff, however, will stay here in Chi-town until the last weekend in June when we actually make the move.

Which makes me think about stuff. We have made more trips to Goodwill in the last week than in the rest of my life combined. We don't need all the stuff we have. Moving and packing has been a really great motivator for me to get rid of some clutter, and re-evaluate what stuff we really want to have in our lives and what stuff we can give to other people, throw away, or put through Michelle's paper shredder that she keeps letting me borrow. (Thanks Michelle!)

Another big motivator was my friend Amber who is a professional organizer. I downloaded her archived newsletters and found a wealth of helpful organization material. Check out her website, If you need some help, she is the gal for you!

Moving, changing, transitioning, growing - these are hard things to do sometimes. Its horrible and causes gut-wrenching pain to think about leaving our friends here in Chicago, but at the same time exciting and wonderful to enter into this next phase of our life!

Basically, I am feeling very bi-polar and have developed restless legs syndrome and still sleep on my back with my arms above my head which is causing serious damage to my shoulder joints.

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