Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Let the Church Search Begin! Ryan and I will be moved to Grand Rapids this weekend and we can't wait to find ourselves a church in the GR area to call home for the next 3-53 years. I've been asking around and have checked out some places online...which means that the church search has officially begun.

TAKE NOTE: My church search did not begin by walking in the door of your church. Your website is your front door, and your website, more than likely, will determine if I visit your church or not. I know that sounds harsh, but that is reality friends, that is the culture we live in. is one church that I am really excited about checking out! Hopefully Ryan and I will be moved in time to make it this Sunday!
A few initial thoughts:
  • They have a .tv URL, which is really cool.
  • I've heard nothing but great things about Wes Dupin
  • They have lots of small groups on lots of nights, which is good news since Ryan will have a very erratic call schedule as a resident.
  • The website is snappy, and they creatively named the programs/groups/events
  • The volunteer link on their site spells out the "WIN" for each opportunity - I like that!


Your Bro said...

Hey isn't Rob Bell's church in GR? I would check that one out. We have been going through the NOOMA videos with our small groups. Anyway, that's my initial thought on this subject : )

jess o said...

...went camping this weekend w/ a friend from high school - They are also moving to GR - right by you I think!...and we officially decided that you should be neighbor-friends. They are awesome. And you guys are awesome. And they are really involved and passionate about their church and making themselves representatives of Jesus in their neighborhood. Check it out:!

Matthew & Kate said...

Check out that is rob bell's church. I like the NOOMAs too! (just like "your bro.")

tim and brooke said...

I've heard some good things about Greenhouse Ministries as well. They're located in Easttown in GR and their website is

We love our church too (Engedi) but it's probably too far of a drive for you guys. Let us know how the search goes!


B. Irv said...

As you said Amber, go and try out a bunch of them and find what your heart needs. It took EB and I quite a long time to find a church we now call home. One thing about GR is that doing the church thing on sunday is so the norm, that finding a church can be difficult becuase 1. there are so many to chose from 2. many of the congregations are just complacent just being a happy place to be on sunday and 3. well there is only one sunday a week, and with a residents schedule its not always that easy to be available each one. Good luck you guys. We are looking forward to catching up with you soon.