Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cherry Trees

Yesterday we discovered that we have a cherry tree in our yard. We've lived here for three years and never even noticed it until three days before we move back to Michigan! We think that for the last few years the birds probably ate the cherries before we could find them, but not this year! With so many cicadas flying around the birds are less than hungry for cherries.

Ryan and Bryan went to town trying to get all of the cherries within reach. I couldn't believe how sweet and glorious they tasted right off the branches!

I might have to plant myself a cherry tree.


Flame Lilly said...

How fun!!! Tod bad you're leaving. Is the red brick house in the background yours??? I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that you guys lived there for that long and never realized you had cherry trees... hahah I really like you guys.

Miss you both A TON. Let me know how the new life experiences ahead pan out. I'm very interested-

much love : )

YOUR BRO said...

;lajksdf that last comment was me by the way... your brother... aaron mark beeson...

jess o said...

...woswers! you're moving in three days...i can't wait. I pray the best as this has got to be a bittersweet time of transition and chaos of moving and saying goodbye (or simply "see ya later") ;). love you both!!