Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Update on Sandy and Greg

Greg & Sandy are still in the states because Sandy's headaches aren't going away! Greg just updated their blog with all of the details about the decisions they are making and the prayers they are needing right now. They're not sure if and when they should go bock to the Domincan Republic, but in the meantime it looks like they're having a great time with their families!

  • Nothing like a visit to Chuck E. Cheese's Pizzeria! Who is playing this game, Auntie Sandy or lucas? Well, I thought it was time for another update for those of you who are still checking in from time to time. Sandy recently had an MRI and some extensive bloodwork done, all which came back normal. This is wonderful news in that we have really eliminated some very serious possibilities with these results. However, Sandy still continues to have headaches and neck pain daily! This, of course, is not normal! We are currently trying a new medication since the migraine medications have not had the desired results. The doctor told Sandy that she would need at least 30 days for this medication to take effect. This means that we will not know whether this medication is the right, or wrong, treatment for at least 30 days. We are faced with another difficult decision. Do we continue to wait things out here in the States? Or, do we take a chance and travel back to the Domincan in hopes that this medication is going to work out in those thirty days? Please continue to pray for Sandy's health and that the Lord will heal her completely. Also, we would ask that you would pray for peace and wisdom in our decision making. Oh yeah, I guess there is one more thing. . .Pray for our finances. Our budget has taken a hit with our decision to stay here in the States. The cost of living is considerably more here than in Dominican Republic. Here is a "make a donation" link if you're interested in helping us meet our needs. Thank you . . . for everything!

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