Monday, February 12, 2007

Celebrating Volunteers

Granger had the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event on Friday and I got to be there! The night was filled with incredible food, great music, hilarious video elements, touching stories, and some amazing volunteers who have given and given and given of themselves.

I love when churches celebrate thier volunteers. I love seeing volunteers who truly feel valued and appreciated. I love being around people who serve Christ by serving others and serving the church. I think its so neat when people make themselves available to Kingdom work.

DC and the band helped everyone to "Get it Started in Here"

Dad gave out 5 "Smooth Stone" awards to 5 incredible volunteers. Each stone had been engraved with the words, "I have provision you know not of..." which has been a mantra this last year at the church.

Dan and Lisa (who are the most musically talented geniuses that I personally know) did a HILARIOUS song about volunteering in the Connection Cafe. "Taylor the Latte Boy" was a catchy little ditty that I haven't been able to get out of my head since I heard it.

The other great news is that I got to see my family and a bunch of my friends! Yippee!

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