Sunday, February 4, 2007

Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit

We have some new friends! I haven't ever known another Amber, until recently when a new couple joined our 2by2 group at church. Amber and Jason went to Taylor, so it was fun to play the "do you know, so and so?" game. They're outdoorsy, like to hike and camp, Amber has her own Organizing Business, and they are really really cool, so we are excited to get to know them even better!

Saturday night they invited some of us over for some Pop Culture Trivial Pursuit at their house. Have you played this game? I was amazed at how much I don't know about pop culture...even though I watch more E! News than real news these days.

One HUGE hilight of our time over at Amber and Jason's house is their cat, Sandy. She is the biggest cat I have ever seen. She weighs in at a heafty 27 pounds but still manages to waddle her way around the house. Ryan has more pictures of this kitty on his camera phone than you would believe. Good Kitty

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