Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Heart Blogging

As many of you know, I have become somewhat of a blogaholic over the past year. It actually began back in March. As I look back on 2006, I remember the feelings I had on the day that I wrote my first post. I didn't' know what I would write, didn't know if I had anything to say, and wasn't even sure if this whole idea of blogging was for me. I had never been a journaler, but had started the first page of many throughout my life.

Why has blogging worked for me? I think there are three main reasons:
1.) I can check for spelling errors, edit, add pictures, use links, and make changes...which I could never do in an old-school journal.
2.) I can stay connected to and make new friends. I didn't realize this when I started blogging, but after a few months went by and I began meeting people all over the country whose blogs I had been reading and who had been reading mine too! I love meeting other bloggers and readers, my readers are my friends!
3.) I can entertain others, which energizes me. When I find out that someone laughed at a post or a picture, it pretty much makes my day.

And so I have decided for 2007 to continue this wonderful thing called blogging.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

SO glad to hear this commitment to grace us with this glorious blog through the new year...