Monday, December 18, 2006

Hair Emergency

I am having what some would call a "Hair Emergency." I went to get my hair cut and hilighted at this new place...and I LOVE getting my hair I was really excited. I got there and was so impressed because this is one of those fancy salons that has specialties. One girl hilighted my hair, another washed it, another cut it and another styled it at the end.
Unfortunately, it didn't turn our at all like what I wanted. It was brown, for starters...and had these extremely blond streaky chunks that were very artsy...and frightened Ryan quite a bit. The problem was that the color girl went home after me, so I couldn't really talk to her about what happened. Secondly, the "two inches" that the cutter girl said she would take off ended up to be ALOT my hair is much shorter than I had anticipated.
I went back the next day and explained that things had gone terribly they fixed me up and it is much better now.
Michelle has been helping me to figure out how to style it right. I don't know what I would do without Michelle.
I can tell that my hair is mad at me for treating it with harsh chemicals and heat.
I'm sorry hair.


michelle said...

what lovely lovely blonde hair you have my friend! :) a striking contrast from the sad brownness...

B. Irv said...

Overall the finished look is cute. EB misses her sisters fashion consultations. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!