Tuesday, December 19, 2006


So, Ryan and I are in Grand Rapids today. He is interviewing right now and I am working from the hotel.
Last night when we got to town, we swung thru Holland to hang out with Greg Field for a minute. He is HILARIOUS!

We laughed a lot and discovered that the peppermint coffee at JP's didn't really taste like peppermint at all...as you can tell by the disappointed look on Greg's face.

We are so blessed by the friendships that we have. Some from Hope College, some from Kindergarten, some from Chicago and some from Church. Even though there are hundreds and thousands of miles between many of us, the friendships remain the same. It makes me feel better about moving in a few months, knowing that our friendships are strong and that we have new friends to make.

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jess o said...

You were, like, 30 feet from me and I didn't even know it?!!! Ah! Looks like you guys had a great time...love the pic of 'the boys' in college...brings back such good memories! Love ya, Ambs! ps - love the hair, too!!