Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Cox Cottage with the family and had a great time! The weather was crazy for the first couple of days, but Monday we had glorious sunshine all day!

On the dock watching the storm roll in.
Clara with her pretty Aunt Sarah
Ryan sporting an awesome UofM jacket from the early 90's
Clara with her Nana and Papa
The brothers preparing for a ride around the lake
Great Grandma Fisher, Nana and Ruby
Clara's first time meeting Great Grandpa and Grandma Fisher 
Clara and Uncle Kyle 
She's such a peanut

This pic makes my heart explode. Probably my favorite picture of all time. 
Uncle Chris and his nieces
Ruby didn't open her eyes for the whole boat ride - she said it was "too light out!"
First swim of the summer. Ruby kept saying "Ow ow ow!" when Ryan dipped her in the water... but we knew she just thought it was cold - which is was!
Clara's first boat ride.
Ruby sitting on a little decorative candle holder that looks like a bench. This gives me hope that potty training might go okay since she enjoys sitting like this.


yourBRO said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I especially like that picture of you and Clara with her sporting some T-Rex arms is priceless : )

I love you! Can't wait until we get to spend some time together!

Josh Hunter said...

my favorite thing about this is that in about 1 in 3 pics of Ryan, he is grilling. He is so manly.