Monday, March 7, 2011

Step 1 of Becoming a Big Sister...

Other than the part around 5:30am when I heard her crying, went into her pitch-black room and nearly tripped over her laying on the floor by her chair, I'd say Ruby's first night in her "Big Girl Bed" was a success.
Ryan's mom and dad came over last night to help us take down the crib and set up the twin bed. Ruby is only 20 months old, so you may be asking why we would move her out of her crib already.
  1. In 9 weeks she will have a baby sister who will need that crib then we're moving to Columbus a few weeks later... I'm trying to give her one big transition at a time.
  2. The size of my belly prevents me from being able to reach her when she's in her crib. Moving to the twin made more sense than buying a fork lift to help me over the crib rail.
Here is her room before:
And here's her room now with the big girl bed. (yes, that's Ruby dramatically laying on the floor being very very sad that she wasn't yet IN her new bed.)
So far so good... we'll see how her nap goes this afternoon.

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