Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ponce de Leon Springs

We drove up to Ponce de Leon Springs one afternoon to check out the trails, do some paddle-boating and swim in what is thought by some to be "The Fountain of Youth." We planned to eat lunch as soon as we got there, and heard about a pancake place called the Sugar Mill. We decided to go there first and discovered there was a 2.5 hour wait, so while we waited we rented a paddle boat.

The boat rental guy was very concerned about us renting a paddle boat on such a windy day. Of course, Ryan and Aaron saw it as a challenge and signed the release forms stating they'd been warned of the dangers. After that, the four of us put on our snazzy life jackets and loaded up the boat.
You can't really tell from this picture, but the frustration level at the quality of our boat was very high. Aaron felt he had been duped by the rental guy who said it would be difficult because of the wind. Actually, it was difficult because the paddle boat was really crappy and didn't work no matter how hard the guys peddled. Tracy and I were riding in style in the back seats - wish I could have captured a pic of all 4 of us. We were laughing a lot.
Love this pic of me and my brother. He's just the best.
Get this - The water that flows from this spring spends 30 years in an underground cave system before it surfaces... so Ryan and I were potentially swimming in rain water that fell in 1980 - the year we were born! Isn't that crazy? 14 million gallons of water flow from the spring every single day! It was REALLY COLD!
The sign Tracy is sitting on says the water varies from 2 to 30 feet deep. Talk about useful information.
After waiting for over 2.5 hours for a table we FINALLY got a table at the restaurant

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant was awesome - well worth the wait! They bring out an unending amount of batter and you cook it yourself on the griddle right in front of you!
Ryan's face perfectly describes how we felt by the time we used up the last of the batter on one huge pancake.

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