Monday, November 29, 2010


We had quite a full Thanksgiving weekend! It was fun to spend time together, telling stories and playing a few good rounds of nertz. The food was delicious and I ate enough for two... even though the child in my womb is only a little bigger than an avocado.
Sarah and I went shopping on Black Friday... which I have never done before. We waited until 10am, hoping that all the crazy people would have been done by then... but they were still out and about. I did find some great deals, and we did eat Chipotle for lunch, so it that alone made it an awesome afternoon.
Ryan, Chris and Dad took our leaves to the city dump on Saturday. Chris took some "industrial" pictures while they were there. I can't wait to see them! He's been shooting film, so it's a longer development process, allowing my anticipation to boil over. They also washed and waxed the van (getting it ready for the sloshnastsaltiest winter weather we have in Michigan). While they were doing all that hard work, Ruby and I took some naps.
It was a wonderfully productive yet restful weekend! I'll post more pics, including a family shot, as soon as I get it from photographer extraordinaire, Chris.

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