Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mt. Tallac

The next day the men (Ryan, Aaron and John) decided to spend the morning and afternoon climbing the 11-mile trek to the summit of Mt. Tallac and back. It was the tallest peak they could see from our place, so they had their eyes on it from the first day.
This was the goal. 9,735 feet up! Not many trees up there... they were pumped.
I was so proud of Ryan for taking our little digi-cam along and capturing all these pictures with the self-timer. He's awesome!

Here they are at the top! Lunch consisted of PB&J sandwiches and some fig newtons on the edge of a shale cliff. Ryan texted me from the summit and said something along the lines of "don't wait up, we're going to hang out up here for awhile," ...and they did.
Meanwhile, back at the homestead, all the lady folk (Angela, Tracy and I) sat around talking about how thankful we are that our husbands love each other so much.
Such great men. Such a great day.

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