Sunday, November 15, 2009

Aunts, Uncles and Hairs

We made a spontaneous decision to drive to to Granger for a quick trip on Saturday. Got to spend a few hours with Angela and John.
My little sister (who has awesome hair) is having a baby in March. Ang is a natural when it come to all things Ruby, so I'm sure she'll be an absolutely incredible mom to their little one.
Speaking of Angela's hair - she has always been the adventurous one when it comes to hair. I, on the other hand, got a nice haircut in 7th grade and stuck with it until today. Long layers. Sometimes I wear it in a ponytail. That's it.

Ang is so good at changin' it up - she does all sorts of lengths, colors, styles, accessories, and even managed to pull of bangs without a hitch. She is the type of person who you see and you say, "Oh, I should get some bangs to look cute like hers!" then you do it and it's a major disaster. All of that is to say, I love her hair, because her hair is an outward expression of the beauty within her and she is carefree and fun and adventurous. She's a stylist/cutter/colorist, so if you want great hair too you can make an appointment with her at Radius Salon.

Love you guys! So fun to see you! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!


Todd and Courtney said...

cute cute and cute! And we should totally be friends, ha :) Where in TN might you all move?!?! My husband and I are going to try and fly up to Holland next weekend to look at some houses. He is a pilot based out of O'hare so it's still a long drive or a short flight but it totally beats commuting from here. I just fell in love with Holland when I visited Andrea for the first time in 2004. It's so pretty there!

katie holt said...

i think that you and i both picked a hair style in 7th grade and we still rock it today. and sometimes in a pony tail. ah. hysterical.

someday. someday i'll be able to be adventurous like angela.

in the mean time, it's nice that it looks like you and i never age... pictures from seventh grade look (kinda) the same as more recent ones... :)

love you friend!

amberWIRE said...

Hi Courtney - We'll be interviewing all over the midwest - and checking out Cincinnatti and Nashville too! So cool that your hubby is a pilot! Have fun with the house search in Holland next weekend!

Katie! Seriously - we love our 7th grade hair-dos. Hilarious that we discovered the fountain of youth before we even needed it! haha!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Your so nice! I'm glad you like my hair! We had a blast with you guys too. I'm even more thankful that I have you to look to about all things baby! We are gonna have some good times with those little ones! I'm so happy that Ruby will be the big cousin for my baby girl to look up to like I looked up to you!
I'm also pretty sure the reson I change my hair so much is a little thing I like to call A.D.D! Ha! But none the less I'm glad we get to dd LIFE together!! I can't wait for thanksgiving either!!! So much fun!! Love ya!!
Aunt Gela